Placement Services

With the exception of some who live to work rather than work to live, most of us strive for that intangible quality in our careers, which is an appropriate work-life balance.  Our goal at CBIG Recruiting & Staffing is to place candidates in positions that are rewarding professionally and also achieve better work-life stability. CBIG expert recruiters collaborate with each of our professional candidates to help him or her develop a personal wish list that factors in the type of employment he or she is most qualified for and which best matches his or her lifestyle and personal preferences.

Placement Services – CBIG Recruiting & Staffing offers recruits assistance in finding direct placement (full-time positions), contracting, as well as contract-to-hire opportunities.  CBIG Recruiting & Staffing also has an extensive catalog of company research, and is in a unique position to present various options on a variety of enterprises that have potential to be ideal opportunities for our candidates.  We make it a priority to share our knowledge, human resource expertise, and experience in the job market to help you set realistic expectations.

Company Research and Coaching − We believe the more information we can share with you—on a given company, position, and even interviewer in some cases—the better prepared you will be to demonstrate your worth and excel during the interview.  CBIG Recruiting & Staffing will guide you through the entire interview process and prepare you for each interview you undertake.

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