Career Placement Coaching

“Tell me a little bit about yourself.”  Or better yet, “Why did you leave your last position?” These are arguably two of the most loaded questions in any job interview.  It’s true—interviews, resume composition, and follow-up calls can strike fear in the heart of many a job candidate, no matter how accomplished.  At CBIG Recruiting and Staffing, our professionals help you tackle these challenges with the confidence to put your best foot forward as you showcase your experience and skill set.

Success is contagious, and we are committed to investing in yours.  Toward this end, we devote the time and energy to get to know you and understand you as a professional.  This allows our recruiters to offer in-depth human resource expertise to help you capitalize on all of your talents, with step-by-step guidance on how you can reach your career aspirations and goals.

Resumes, Interviews, and  Follow-Ups − Our services include resume assistance—in terms of both content and formatting—to ensure proper description and layout of your skills, interview preparation, and callback strategies to best leverage opportunities.  Once you secure that interview, CBIG recruiters are highly adept at preparing you for conversations with clients to maximize your interview effectiveness.  When you’ve accepted an offer, CBIG Recruiting & Staffing will also walk you through making a positive transition from one company to your new company.  This includes:

  • professional resignation
  • counteroffer conversation
  • assistance with creating a smooth entrance into your new company

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