Staff Supplementation

Often clients may not require the long-term commitment of additional permanent staff or may have specific project-based needs. In these cases, CBIG Recruiting & Staffing helps meet those client needs with consultants or contractors at an appropriate hourly, daily or monthly rate.

Higher-Caliber Staffing Resources – CBIG Recruiting and Staffing is committed to setting a very high bar in terms of the quality of consultants we choose for shorter term assignments with specific timelines or deadlines. We take great pride in providing the highest caliber consultants who have expertise and in-depth understanding of virtually all appropriate technologies in use today.  CBIG R&S leaders continue to maintain and support a thorough screening program to ensure our contractors will exceed client expectations on projects they undertake.

Contractor Specialists, Strategic Consultants and Team-Based Assignments – CBIG R&S offers individual, skill-based contractor specialists for specific assignments, as well as seasoned  consultants with broader experience in management and business processes.  Through its partnership with CBIG Consulting, CBIG R&S also helps client enterprises build a team of consultants to implement the following projects:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Big Data
  • Data Warehousing
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Cloud-based Analytics
  • and other Data Analytics endeavors

CBIG’s unique position in the high-tech, big data space gives CBIG the ability to find consultants with the hard to find technical skills and experience in all aspects of Information Technology.

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