Name Generation

CBIG Recruiting & Staffing leaders believe in walking the walk.  This means taking advantage of our singular expertise and groundbreaking work in data analytics to leverage the latest advancements in data-driven, web-based research tools and recruiting software technology.  Our aim is to build and maintain the most extensive national candidate database possible of highly talented professionals on behalf of our client organizations.

Just-In-Time Recruiting – For companies that anticipate regular hiring needs, CBIG R&S’ candidate database consistently offers solid, current pipelines of pre-qualified candidates that are ready to go to work when needed.  Just-in-time recruiting is a challenging but attractive option for many professional services and management consulting firms.  It’s also a great way to expedite the hiring process, as well as an economical way to manage recruitment.

Personnel Changes – CBIG Recruiting & Staffing’s team of top-flight recruiters have decades of collective expertise in personnel-related concerns and human resource issues.  They regularly use this experience in tandem with CBIG’s national candidate database to assist our client enterprises with name generation services that give clients the resources they need when they need them. When personnel changes do become necessary, clients are able to draw on this combination of lifetime knowledge and technology to make personnel changes quickly, with a list of talent that can step in and fill positions confidently when necessary.

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