CBIG recognizes that our client organizations all have differing staffing needs, and hiring decisions are based on many unique factors within a given business structure, making a Contract-To-Hire arrangement the most viable solution.

Achieve Immediate Needs While Maintaining Long-Term Control – Most organizations continually grapple with the challenge of fluid employee populations. Many times a business will determine the need for a new staff member or create new positions to better serve operations, but the timing or strategy, based on any number of factors, may be difficult.  For example, an employer may want to ensure the quality of the candidate before it makes a long-term commitment. To fulfill these kinds of requirements, CBIG Recruiting & Staffing can place consultants on a contract, with an option to hire that consultant when the initial project terms are complete. This gives clients the flexibility to fill their immediate needs while maintaining the control they need to make the best long term decision.

Mutual Benefits for Employer and Employee – For our clients, a contract-to-hire arrangement is an opportunity to see the candidate in action, and understand how they work and would fit in with the company.  For the candidate, it’s also a beneficial trial period in which they can start a job with great potential, and make sure they’re comfortable with the company’s culture, job responsibilities, and expectations.

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