Our Approach

We can’t say it enough—CBIG Recruiting & Staffing professionals truly believe that success is contagious, and we want to invest in yours, whether you are a client business or a job candidate. This means investing the time upfront to understand the needs of the professionals and clients with whom we collaborate.

Our experience has taught us there are two sides to employment—finding a job that is a good fit, and finding the right person to fill a position for your business.  We’ve also learned that it ultimately saves time, effort, and expense when our professionals can gain in-depth understanding of your employment goals, allowing them to present opportunities and professionals that match skills, abilities, fit, and long-term aspirations.  We understand the value of everyone’s time and have earned our reputation of being a firm of high quality, not high quantity when it comes to both presenting candidates to clients and promoting positions to prospective candidates.

At CBIG Recruiting & Staffing, we hold ourselves up to the highest level of professionalism in the recruiting industry.  Our team of professional recruiters average over 15 years of experience in the recruiting industry, with expertise in human resources, employment law, statutes governing employment visas, and the latest advancements in recruiting technology.

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