Our Advantage

CBIG Recruiting & Staffing possesses two distinct advantages over other professional recruiters.  First, most of CBIG Recruiting & Staffing’s professionals have themselves specialized in IT and/or business intelligence, data analytics and data warehousing throughout their careers.  Second, CBIG Recruiting & Staffing’s central focus is on employment within business intelligence, data analytics and data warehousing.

These two factors have been instrumental in developing extensive contacts and connections with countless professionals who work in these areas.  This includes technical staff, executive and mid-level management professionals.  CBIG’s extensive national network of top business intelligence, data analytics, data warehousing and IT professionals—combined with our comprehensive digital database of corporations of all sizes—gives CBIG a huge head start when we are challenged with matching distinct positions with potential candidates.

Our clientele comprises leading companies in their fields, including Fortune 500, management consulting, software companies, boutique firms, and small to mid-sized businesses.  We understand what these specific companies are looking for and can move quickly to turn around top talent to fill your needs. Because we are dedicated to building and maintaining long-term relationships with companies and candidates alike, our people and client businesses provide the best PR, and offer us invaluable referrals.

CBIG Recruiting & Staffing offers:

  • Client Services
    • Permanent Placement
    • Staff Supplementation
    • Contract-To-Hire Positions
    • Name Generation
  • Candidate Services
    • Open Positions
    • Career Placement Coaching
    • Skills Assessments
    • Placement Services

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