Our History

CBIG Recruiting & Staffing was founded in 2007 as a premier talent management firm, committed to researching and promoting professional candidates on behalf our client organizations within IT, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and the proliferating Big Data space.  Our roots were established in the mid-1990s when our founders began a long-term partnership with a Data Warehousing consulting firm to provide a steady stream of skilled technical staff.  This mutually beneficial arrangement has evolved into the creation of CBIG Recruiting & Staffing working in tandem with our sister company, CBIG Consulting.

Based in Chicago, CBIG Recruiting & Staffing works on a national level to help both employers and job candidates realize their respective employment goals.  Our first priority is to create two sides to the same employment coin, in which flexible HR solutions for our clients also make ideal fits for our professional job candidates.  CBIG Recruiting & Staffing is fortunate to have on board highly adept recruiters who are not only well versed in human resources and employment law, but who also have great instincts for finding the right match for both employers and their prospective employees.

Today, CBIG Recruiting & Staffing works with industry leaders in management consulting, prominent corporations, software firms, and many other organizations of various sizes.  Working across industries, with clients from Southern California to New England and everywhere in-between, our expert recruiting staff has developed and maintains a detailed database on companies as well as a national network of talented individuals with myriad skill sets and experience.

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